by Nick Donahue - December 13, 2018

Hilo Launches Public Beta

Hilo, a social platform for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts, is launching its private beta today. The blockchain startup has created a visual, user-friendly platform for community-driven crypto insights and discussions.

At its core, the Hilo platform combines the best aspects of social interactions with features designed for the crypto community, including:

  • Reading the latest crypto news
  • Tracking new projects as they prepare for ICO
  • Annotating price movements on top digital coins
  • Following the crypto portfolios of influencers
  • Earning HILO token for engaging with the Hilo community

The cryptocurrency market is new and rapidly evolving. There are few sources that can be trusted to provide accurate, in-depth news and crypto enthusiasts often have to go check multiple, disparate sources to get an understanding. We created Hilo to solve this problem.

“First and foremost, we are cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our vision was to build the product that we wished existed — something that’s social, interactive, and brings together the best parts of the crypto community,” says Founder & CEO Monica Puchner.

Today’s beta launch, available to the general public, brings the first step towards a multi-year plan to increase crypto adoption around the world. Users can sign up for the Beta at

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