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Hilo is a Social Network for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers where you can research, follow along, and interact with friends and influencers. On the Hilo platform, your sensitive data will be owned and controlled by you.

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What is Hilo?

Hilo is an inclusive blockchain and crypto-community that synthesizes information, news, public opinion, and supports people in learning about the future of money. Hilo is a platform for beginners, experts, and influencers to share resources and information.

What is Hilo?


The future of Hilo

  • v0.1

    • Social Graph
    • Portfolio
    • Integrated Exchanges
    • Discover
  • v0.2

    • HILO Token Integration
    • Wallet Integration
    • Influencer Subscriptions
    • Messaging
    Group 25
  • v0.3

    • IOS & Android
    • Leaderboards
    • Fantasy Crypto
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  • Monica Puchner

    CEO & Founder

  • Robby Black


  • Nicholas Donahue


  • Ramiro Cardozo


  • Danny Dalton


  • Tyler Law


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Advisors & Investors

  • Steve Waterhouse

    Steve Waterhouse PhD

    CEO @ Orchid
    Former Partner @Pantera

  • Vinny Lingham

    Vinny Lingham

    Founder & CEO @Civic

  • Angelo Adam

    Angelo Adam

    CEO @Bounty0x

  • Ben Ntl

    Ben N.T.Le

    Angel Investor @Metal

  • Ed Colligan

    Ed Colligan

    Investor at Edventures
    Former CEO @Palm

  • Emanuele Cesena

    Emanuele Cesena PhD

    Security @Pinterest
    Co-founder @Theneeds (sold to Shopkick)

  • Bud Colligan

    Bud Colligan

    CEO @Macromedia
    Former Partner @Accel

  • Deniz Dalkilic

    Deniz Dalkilic

    CTO @Bounty0x

  • Jason Riback

    Jason Riback

    President @MediaMint
    Former @McKinsey

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Backed by some of the best in the industry, we’re on a mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone who wants to learn.